Seven Tips for Healthy Road Tripping with Diabetes

Seven Tips for Healthy Road Tripping with Diabetes

September and October are prime road trip months with cooler temperatures and fewer people vacationing. If you have diabetes and are ready to hit the road, here are few tips keeping yourself safe and healthy while exploring.

  • Pack enough prescription medications to last your entire trip, maybe even a few days extra so you have more flexibility.
  • Keep medications cool—if possible, in a cooler, not in the trunk or glove compartment.
  • Carry snacks in the car, like fruit, crackers or juice, in case your blood sugar drops too low.
  • Keep your medical insurance card and emergency phone numbers handy.
  • And check your blood sugar often. Don’t drive for too long without stopping—take a break every hour or two.
  • Make time for physical activity—walking and biking to see the sights, tennis, swimming, stretch bands or small weights in your bag for strength training—there are many ways to keep active while traveling. See Workout to Go.
  • Keep up healthy eating habits: drink water and choose fresh, unprocessed foods like vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, fruit and unsaturated fats.

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Adapted from the National Institute of Health, Road Trip with Diabetes and Managing Diabetes.

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