The Breast Center at Valley Medical Center—Celebrating 20 Years of Caring for Our Community Like Family

The Breast Center at Valley Medical Center—Celebrating 20 Years of Caring for Our Community Like Family

Following a community survey of patients, physicians, staff and area leaders more than 20 years ago, the idea of a comprehensive breast center was born to support unfilled needs in our community. On Nov. 26, 2001, Valley’s Breast Center first opened its doors to provide mammography, diagnostic imaging, breast procedures and bone density services all in one space. Our technology was cutting edge, we offered flexible hours, enhanced education and support programs.

The Benefits of 3D Mammograms in 2021
Fast forward to 2021. During this month, when you drive by the Valley Medical Center campus, you’ll see our South Tower bathed in pink to commemorate the Breast Center’s 20th anniversary. Our technology continues to be some of the most advanced in the region for the high-quality breast and bone density services we offer. In contrast to 2001, when high-tech mammography required the slow, arduous process of developing and reading screen-film, in early 2016 the Breast Center advanced to the newest breast imaging technology available, the 3D mammogram. Also known as tomosynthesis, digital tomosynthesis or breast tomosynthesis, the main benefits of 3D imaging are the very low radiation dose and the ability to see the breast from different angles. The precise, three-dimensional digital pictures also mean that fewer patients experience a false positive result, avoiding the stress and anxiety related to having a biopsy for a suspicious lesion. Valley’s Breast Center also features fully upgraded stereotactic biopsy equipment, specimen imaging machine and two ultrasound machines. With our ability to detect and biopsy even the smallest of cancers, we can treat breast cancer at its earliest possible point when it is most curable.

Expanding Care
With so many new neighbors in Covington who wanted to receive preventive screening closer to home, in 2016 we expanded care by opening the Covington Breast Center, which offers screening mammography and Dexa bone density exams in the Covington Clinic North location. The High Risk Screening and Genetics Clinic is also located at the Breast Center in Renton, identifying and educating patients about their personal and family risk for breast, ovarian and other hereditary cancer syndromes. Through a personal and family cancer history assessment, patients receive the results of that information during a consult with a technologist. Patients can then visit with our high-risk specialist who can evaluate the risk and design a personal cancer prevention program. Next year we hope to expand our high-risk breast cancer program and our genetics program to the Covington location.

Two Decades of High-Quality, Nationally Recognized Care
“We are so proud of The Breast Center at Valley Medical Center as the team celebrates 20 years of delivering high quality, nationally-recognized screening and diagnostic care to our community,” says Jeannine Grinnell, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Valley Medical Center. “Our Breast Center specialists are here if and when you need them and are committed to caring for you like family. We thank those who have entrusted us with their care and look forward to continuing our remarkable level of breast cancer and bone density services far into the future.”

Early Detection Saves Lives
One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives. Although less common, men also develop this disease. Many lives have been saved and many, many more patients will go on to live full and happy lives due to the advances we have made in early detection and treatment of breast cancer at Valley’s Breast Centers in Renton and Covington. Request an appointment through your Valley MyChart account or call 425.690.3688.
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The Breast Center at Valley Medical Center has been designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology  in all breast imaging modalities:

  • Gold Seal: Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Gold Seal: Breast Ultrasound
  • Gold Seal: Mammography
  • Gold Seal: Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

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    Thank You to everyone involved with Valley Medical Breast Center. You are all outstanding. You have helped me thru a scary time in my life, with my breast cancer. If I could, I would give every single person a huge hug.

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