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It’s Time to Start Healing

Don’t delay getting your diagnostic tests. We’re here to keep you safe and healthy. It has been a long, tough road the past three months and we know many of our patients have put off important appointments and tests. For some, chronic or new health conditions have surfaced or gotten worse. We want you to know when you’re ready, we’re ready. We are...


Breastfeeding and Pumping Issues? Physical Therapy Can Help!

When we think about the available options for breastfeeding support, a few professionals immediately come to mind: lactation consultants, midwives and physicians. One specialty that you may have not considered is the physical therapist! Valley's Rehabilitation Department and Lactation Consultants recently partnered to provide evidence-based physica...

Gynecology / Urogynecology

Real Talk About Painful Periods and What You Can Do to Relieve Them: DocTalk with OB-GYN Eric Schmit, DO

Historically, talking out loud with others about the menstrual cycle has been an uncomfortable topic. Often even when talking to their healthcare provider, some may delay or avoid having a talk about what they typically experience because of feelings of embarrassment. They also may be shy about asking if what they experience during a period is “nor...

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Women’s History Month: Sandi Gerling Shares Her Journey to Midwifery

Women have historically experienced many challenges during the birthing process and developing an individualized birth plan is important to many women as they consider starting a family. Valley Women’s Healthcare Clinic offers services and support during the birth process with Certified Nurse-Midwives. Midwives are trained to provide prenatal care,...