From Three Surgeries to One: A Valley Patient’s Hernia Surgery Story

From Three Surgeries to One: A Valley Patient’s Hernia Surgery Story

One morning, Michael experienced an unexpected and alarming health issue. He knew something was wrong and sought medical attention, which resulted in him being admitted to a hospital for a ruptured colon. After a long recovery post-surgery, he developed a large hernia in his abdomen, and he learned he needed more surgery to correct it.

At his first consultation with a doctor at another hospital, Michael was told he needed three surgeries to correct the condition. As a patient unfamiliar with this process, Michael wasn’t aware that he could seek second opinions from other doctors. That was until he met Wayne Lau, MD, at Valley’s General & Specialty Surgery Clinic.

Dr. Lau’s approach was different. Not only did he demonstrate confidence, but he also showed Michael CT scan images of his internal anatomy to help him better understand his condition. Dr. Lau told Michael that only one comprehensive surgery was needed to correct his hernia. This professionalism and expertise prompted Michael to switch to Valley to have Dr. Lau do his surgery.

After his hernia surgery, Michael recovered quickly and returned to his daily routines and physical activities. He credits his successful operation and smooth recovery to Dr. Lau and the excellent care he received at Valley. Michael and Dr. Lau tell the story in the video below.

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