Managed Care–a New Care Option from Valley

Managed Care–a New Care Option from Valley

Your team at Valley cares about you and wants you to have the healthiest, happiest life you can. As part of our ongoing work to improve the health of those we care for, we are now offering Chronic Care Management (CCM). CCM is for Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions which:

• Are expected to last at least 12 months
• Place patients at risk of declining health

Medical care today can be confusing, costly and difficult to navigate. CCM is a way for us to help patients with increased healthcare needs avoid hospitalizations, become more engaged in their health and improve the coordination of their healthcare. Specific benefits of participation include:
• Creation of a comprehensive care plan
• Review and tracking of your health conditions, laboratory results, medications and recommended preventive care services
• Scheduled time with your care team during visits if needed
• Management of care transitions among healthcare providers

At Valley Medical Center, we see this as a valuable service to our patients and proactively work to determine what costs a patient may incur. If you are interested in receiving these services, please talk with your provider at your next visit.

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