Easy Tips to Stay Fit on Your Summer Vacation

Easy Tips to Stay Fit on Your Summer Vacation


Summer is around the corner and road trips and other vacation travel may be in your near future. It can be tempting to ditch your workouts while you’re away; but it’s easy to maintain your health while on the road. On your next trip, try these quick and simple exercise tips.

Road Trips:

  • -Park your car farther away in the parking lot and walk to your destination.
  • -Stop at rest stops to take a walk and do some light exercise. Before you get back in your car do 10 squats, 10 marches in place, and 10 reaches up onto your toes.
  • -In your hotel/motel or tent, do a few morning stretches in bed when you wake up. Hug your knees into your chest, and then reach your legs above your hips, stretching the hamstrings. Take your arms to your sides and let your knees gently roll and fall side to side.


  • -Walk the length of the plane every hour. During your walk, take a moment to stretch forward and backward (reach for your toes and reach for the sky).
  • -Roll your wrists and ankles; stretch your fingers, back, neck, and hamstrings while seated. Do this after takeoff and while preparing for landing.
  • -Have a layover? Walk around the airport; take the stairs instead of the elevator if you are able.

Did you know that even if you don’t have access to a gym or equipment, you can still complete an effective workout? All you need is yourself and 15 minutes and you are ready to begin!* It’s important to remember to listen to your body while exercising (if it hurts, stop), and talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Here is a simple and quick body weight circuit that you can do anywhere you have a bit of room:

  • -March in place to warm up
  • -Jumping jacks or march in place, 1 minute
  • -Squat and reach up onto toes/hands reach overhead, 12 times
  • -Kicks to the front, 20 each leg
  • -Side steps, 1 minute
  • -Pushups, 12 times (These can be done against a wall, on the floor on your knees, or on the floor on your toes)
  • -Alternating forward lunges, 1 minute
  • -Triceps dips, 12 times. Sit on a chair and place your hands on the sides of the chair by your hips. Slide your hips off the chair and lower your hips toward the floor. Use your triceps to bring your body back to chair height. Repeat without resting your hips on the chair.
  • -Punches forward, 1 minute
  • -Front plank, 45 seconds. Place your elbows on the floor under your shoulders and prop your body up using your knees or feet as the pivot point. Breathe and hold.

If you have the time – repeat! Finish with some light stretching and that’s it! You can check off your workout for the day and move on to relaxing or exploring!

*If you need help with more specific modifications, talk to a fitness instructor at Valley Fitness Center: 425-656-4006.

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  1. Lisa Gillin

    Hi Katie,
    I’m going to start using the the body weight circuit when I have a few mintues for exercise, but not time for a full-blown workout. I’ve printed it out and will keep it handy at home,at work and in my wallet for a no-equipment exercise blast. Great idea and not limited to vacation! Thanks.