In Case You Missed It: Virtual Wellness Retreat with Valerie Mazziotti, PA-C

In Case You Missed It: Virtual Wellness Retreat with Valerie Mazziotti, PA-C

On June 21, Valley hosted a “Virtual Wellness Retreat” with Valerie Mazziotti, PA-C, a primary care provider at our Lake Sawyer Primary Care Clinic. Valerie and host Kawai Kaneali’i, RN, Valley’s Community Health & Wellness Advocate, held a mock primary care visit and answered common questions our primary care providers receive from patients. Watch the webinar below or read the transcript at the bottom of the page.

Quick links to questions addressed in the webinar:

04:13 | Why did I have to come in for an appointment? Why couldn’t I just send a MyChart message?
06:08 | If I see a specialist regularly, why do I also need to see a Primary Care Provider?
08:21 | What can I do to improve my sleep?
13:03 | If I’ve been feeling sad and anxious, should I talk to my PCP or a therapist?
15:06 | What are the specific health risks associated with being overweight?
23:38 | Can smoking cause other diseases outside of lung cancer?
26:19 | Marijuana is legal now, does that mean it’s safe?
27:44 | At what age do I need a mammogram?
29:22 | Do I need screening for ovarian cancer?
32:13 | When should I start colon cancer screening?
36:30 | Why is Chlamydia screening recommended at age 16?
38:02 | Why is a Pap not recommended until age 21, when it used to be age 16?
40:39 | When do men need screening for prostate cancer?

Following these questions, Valerie and Kawai answered questions from community attendees, including:
43:32 | What do you recommend for someone who can’t get an appointment with their PCP for several weeks, but feels like they need to be seen sooner?
44:38 | What are your thoughts on somatic healing and what role do you think alternative approaches have working with western medicine?
46:19 | Why does grapefruit react with Statin drugs? Are there some that have a less severe reaction?
47:10 | Are there other ways to lower cholesterol other than Statin drugs? What if cholesterol runs in my family?
49:18 | How important is exercise to weight loss? Between diet and exercise, is one more helpful?
51:47 | Do you have an opinion on CBD for anxiety and pain?
53:14 | How do you know if a medication you see on a commercial will be helpful for you?
54:46 | Can you speak to eating tofu and the potential increase in cancer risk?
55:11 | I’ve just been diagnosed with Osteopenia. Do you have any words of hope or wisdom?

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