Introducing The Well: A Source of Strength and Nourishment

Introducing The Well: A Source of Strength and Nourishment

Join us for The Well, a series of mindfulness meditations promoting strength and nourishment created by Donna Stephens, a Fitness Center Instructor at Valley Medical Center. This year has been challenging for all of us, and The Well is a place where we can continually find support in times of need. Through a quote from Katie Reed, Donna encourages us to take special time to care for ourselves in order to then be able to give back and help others, “Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.”

You can expect meditations, positive messages, and encouragement from The Well. This post will be updated weekly with a new installment in this series.

  • BE Thankful. Focus your gratitude not only on the people in your life and the blessings you have, but also on being you and honoring your personal radiance. You have your own source of nourishment inside you.
  • BE Inspired. Your breath can support you, or it can amplify stress in the body. Learn to use your breath to replenish, revitalize and sustain you.
  • BE Lifted. There are unseen forces of good that work beyond our understanding that bless us and hold us together whenever we need to be lifted. These unseen forces are love, faith, and hope. Anytime you need, breathe into these and take comfort knowing they are always there.
  • BE Moved. Stress, demands and responsibilities can weigh us down. Many of us carry that weight on our shoulders physically and energetically. BE Moved with a guided demonstration of a simple shoulder stretch.
  • BE Anchored. Be Anchored in the earth’s energy, which supports the stretch of our body, as well as the health of our minds and spirits.  Learn a simple technique to stand tall with ease throughout the day.
  • BE Aligned.  Learn two simple exercises to lengthen, support and align your spine using gravity and ground force.

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