What it’s Like to get a COVID-19 Test

What it’s Like to get a COVID-19 Test

If you are wondering what it’s like to get a COVID-19 test, wonder no more. In the video below, Diviya Divashni, MA gives us a close-up look at the pharyngeal swab and an account of what to expect when visiting Valley’s Mobile Care Unit for a scheduled test. Kirstin Sellers giver her account of what it was like to have the test as a patient.

Diviya: “So we have them pull the mask down right below their nose, covering their mouth, then we take the swab and swab one side for 10 seconds…then we’re all done and they’re ready to go.”

Kirstin: “If you’ve had dental work done, that initial injection that you get for numbing medication can feel pretty intense and uncomfortable, but then it’s over in a few seconds.”

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  1. cjoywin@msn.com

    Could not hear or understand the person suppose to be doing the test, to much background noise. Could hear the person in the car just fine. So didn’t get much out of the video.

    1. Valley Communications

      Good Morning,

      Apologies it is hard to hear. We did include captions on this video. Click on the “cc” box to activate.

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