Keeping Kids Healthy During the COVID-19 Crisis

Keeping Kids Healthy During the COVID-19 Crisis

Pediatrician Sean Verlander, MD, at Valley’s Covington Clinic South–Primary Care, answers frequently asked questions in this video to help parents and caregivers better understand how the coronavirus can affect children, when to seek medical care, getting other vaccinations, engaging in physical activity and supporting emotional well-being.

View parent resources to help answer children’s big questions during the COVID-19 crisis.

Questions answered by Dr. Verlander in this video:

1. What do we know about the risks for kids to get COVID-19?

2. What are the most common signs and symptoms of COVID-19 for kids?

3. If my child starts having any of these symptoms, at what point should I contact our healthcare provider?

4. How would you guide parents about kids have their regular vaccinations or other healthcare appointments?

5. Are telehealth visits an option for kids?

6. With many kids spending more time in front of screens right now what advice do you have for setting limits as well as encouraging ways to get physical activity?

7. For kids who are having a more difficult time emotionally during this pandemic, what guidance do you have for how parents can support their kids through this time?

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