4 Back to School Meals to Super Charge the Day

4 Back to School Meals to Super Charge the Day

Whole Grain Breakfast Sandwich
Great for a grab n’ go breakfast or at room temperature for lunch.

1 whole grain English muffin
1 – 2 eggs, scrambled, lightly salted and peppered
1 slice baked turkey bacon*, cut in half

Option: Spread each muffin half with 2 slices ripe avocado to make the sandwich extra heart healthy and filling.

*Timesaver tip: Bake a whole package of turkey bacon to use several times during the week. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place slices on a foil-lined baking sheet. Bake about 20 minutes or until just slightly crisped. Cool and refrigerate until ready to use. When ready to use, reheat in same pan you scramble the eggs.

Scramble the egg over medium low heat in a nonstick pan with a little avocado or olive oil. Salt and pepper the egg when cooked. Place the cooked turkey bacon in the pan to reheat if eating this for breakfast. Toast the English muffin while egg is cooking. When muffin is toasted, top with scrambled egg and turkey bacon.

Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
Cook extra quinoa for the evening meal and enjoy a protein-packed breakfast in the morning.

Serves one

1 c. cooked quinoa
1/2 c. whole milk or almond milk
1/2 c. frozen or fresh blueberries
1/4 t. cinnamon
1/8 t. ground nutmeg

Optional add-ins:
For added sweetness, 2 T. raisins or 2 chopped dried dates
For added healthy fat, 6 walnut halves or 2 T. unsweetened coconut flakes

Microwave about 1 -2 minutes, until blueberries are heated. Stir everything up and enjoy warm!

Whole Grain English Muffin Pizza

For one muffin:

  • 1 whole grain English muffin
  • 4 T. prepared pizza sauce or marinara sauce
  • Dried oregano to taste
  • 4 T. diced fresh veggies that your child enjoys like onion, bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini
  • 4 T. shredded mozzarella (or other shredded cheese)
  • Optional: 1 – 2 T. cooked and crumbled Italian chicken sausage

Lay muffin halves on a cookie sheet. Top each muffin half with 2 T. pizza or marinara sauce*, lightly sprinkle with dried oregano, 2 T. fresh veggies, 2 T. shredded cheese, and if desired, Italian chicken sausage crumbles.

Broil muffin halves until cheese melts and is slightly browned. Cool and package up for lunch. Great to make the night before.

Timesaver tip: Broil enough of these mini pizzas on a cookie sheet at one time to put in lunch for several days.

*Choose a no-sugar or low-sugar sauce. This is a good way to use up leftover marinara sauce!

Turkey Veggie Roll-up

  • 1, 8-inch whole grain tortilla
  • 1 T. low-fat cream cheese
  • 2 oz. sliced deli turkey (1 -2 slices, depending on thickness)
  • 1 deli slice cheese like harvarti, cheddar, swiss
  • Assorted fresh veggies like shredded carrot, English cucumber strips, bell pepper strips, snap peas, fresh baby spinach leaves or leaf lettuce

Spread tortilla with cream cheese. Layer 2/3 of tortilla surface with turkey, cheese and your child’s favorite fresh veggies. Roll tightly, starting from the layered side. Cut in half and wrap tightly in wax paper or another kind of sandwich wrap/container.

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