Renton Landing Primary Care Ending Service July 14, Urgent Care to Remain

Renton Landing Primary Care Ending Service July 14, Urgent Care to Remain

The past three years have been extremely challenging, creating operational and financial challenges that are driving the need to consolidate some of our primary care services. Effective July 14, we will be ending primary care at Renton Landing and transitioning service to our other primary care locations. The Renton Landing Primary Care Team has provided excellent care for our community and all impacted staff have the opportunity to transition to other locations or roles at Valley.

Valley has 12 other primary care clinic locations across South King County, six of them are in Renton:

Cascade Clinic, 425.690.3400

Fairwood Clinic, 425.690.3405

Highlands Clinic, 425.690.3410

Internal Medicine Clinic, 425.690.3490

Senior Care Clinic, 425.690.3489

Valley Family Medicine Clinic, 425.690.3445

Additional options in neighboring communities include:

Covington Clinic South, 425.690.3430

Kent Clinic, 425.690.3420

Kent Station Clinic, 425.690.3491

Lake Sawyer Clinic, 425.690.3425

Maple Valley Clinic, 425.690.3460

Newcastle Clinic, 425.690.3455

Renton Landing Urgent Care will remain in its current location.

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  1. Dianne

    Is it just the primary care that’s closing or the urgent care will close too? That’d certainly be a shame if it were both.

  2. karen

    So you all want us to go to Swedish. FYI. You might like to check the Renton area and see how many MD providers are taking new patients. You can count them on one hand. Senior care has been full for years and now you expect us all to go to all of the surrouding clinics. These doctors were excellent and you just showed how little you cared about keeping them in the know and offer them other clinics we could follow them to. The Renton Senior clinic only has 3 providers. Why didn’t you move them to that clinic. Just very frustrated about you not caring about patient continuity. Shame on all of you.

  3. Valley Communications

    Thank you for your feedback. Patients will be notified before July 14 if their provider chooses to transfer to another clinic at Valley. If you would like to schedule an appointment at another Valley primary care clinic, we have nearly 50 primary care providers who are currently accepting new patients. Provider bios are available at

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