The Perks of Being Fully Vaccinated—Less Risk and Greater Peace of Mind When Doing Things You Love

The Perks of Being Fully Vaccinated—Less Risk and Greater Peace of Mind When Doing Things You Love

Postponing favorite activities and limiting social interaction during the pandemic have been tough, but the possibilities are now opening up, especially for those who are fully vaccinated. As of this publication date, the Centers for Disease Control report more than 107 million in the U.S. are fully vaccinated and 148 million have received at least one dose.

What does it mean to be fully vaccinated? A person is considered “fully vaccinated” two weeks after the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or two weeks after a single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine. It’s important to keep taking all COVID-19 precautions until you are fully vaccinated: Even though it’s tempting to bust loose, keep your guard up between doses and during that two week, post-vaccine stage. See the entire CDC recommendations for the fully vaccinated, including extra precautions for those with weakened immune systems.

Here are some ways that people who are fully vaccinated are spending their time with greater peace of mind:

  • Planning a trip. Whether it’s a weekend outing across the state; a plane trip to visit friends you haven’t seen in a year; or booking that vacation you’ve been longing for, a change of scenery will do you good. Some great deals are available now for plane tickets. Some international destinations do require proof of vaccination and negative results on a COVID-19 test before travel and when returning from your destination.
  • Getting together with fully vaccinated friends and family. Get out of your house and be with others who are vaccinated—indoors, outdoors, mask-free and don’t forget the hugs and laughs. Celebrate birthdays and other life events knowing you and others are at a very low risk of getting or transmitting COVID-19. Remember to follow CDC safety recommendations when mingling indoors with those who are not vaccinated, but for the most part, you are free to enjoy a gathering.
  • Returning to the gym or recommitting to regular exercise. It feels great to get back to a regular exercise routine, whether indoors at a fitness center, rejoining your favorite exercise class or just exercising outside with no mask. The fresh air, the camaraderie, regaining strength and muscle tone—it’s good for the mind and body.  
  • Grabbing a laptop and revisiting a favorite coffee shop. When you’re feeling cooped up, sometimes there’s nothing like a working coffee break at your fave neighborhood java spot. If you sit indoors, look for well-ventilated shops, choose tables or locations where you can safely distance yourself, and wear a mask when you’re not sipping, but treat yourself to the outing knowing that it’s a much safer experience than before you were vaccinated.
  • Taking up a new hobby or pursuing one previously put on hold. Make it a priority to create smiles for yourself. Whether it’s practicing music as a group, taking that pottery class, getting together in-person with your book club, joining a yoga class or hiking club—get rid of the blahs by doing activities that refresh you.

Take advantage of the personal benefits of being fully vaccinated! Remember to do so in a safe way by continuing to follow CDC guidelines.

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