This Year’s Hottest Accessory? The Face Mask!

This Year’s Hottest Accessory? The Face Mask!

Wearing a mask is important not only when you’re at Valley for an appointment, but also when you’re out and about around the community–wearing a face mask allows us all to get back to the lives we love! We’ve put together a list of places that are either offering masks for free, or donating a mask to a person/organization in need*.

  • City of Renton – Mask pick up at Renton Community Center, Wednesdays 4 – 6 PM and Thursdays 9 – 11 AM while supplies last
  • Harts & Pearls – Adopt a Healthcare Worker Program
  • Hedley & Bennett – Donates a mask to a person in need for every mask purchased
  • Love Your Melon – Donates a mask to the medical community for every mask purchased
  • Splash Fabric – Donates to community organizations, healthcare workers, homeless people, refugees and elders
  • Tokki x Gravitas – Donates a mask to healthcare workers for every mask purchased
  • Tom Bihn – Donates a mask for every mask purchased
  • Uncognito – For every mask purchased, a non-medical KN95 will be donated to a local charity
  • Valley Girls & Guys – For every Be The Hope face guard purchased, a face guard will be donated to an oncology patient at Valley Medical Center

*Please note that this list is for informational purposes only. Valley Medical Center does not endorse, nor verify the quality of the product from any of the companies listed above.

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