Valley is Making House Calls–Try a Telehealth Appointment from the Comfort of Home

Valley is Making House Calls–Try a Telehealth Appointment from the Comfort of Home

Most Valley primary care and specialty care providers are now available for routine, non-emergency care via telehealth appointments. At this time, primary and specialty care virtual visits are available for those who are already Valley primary or specialty care patients, including children. Some specialty clinics will see patients for a first visit by telehealth depending on the patient’s condition, but some will only do follow-up appointments. Just call and ask.

Most providers have time scheduled into each day for telehealth appointments. We will do our best to schedule you with your usual provider. Depending on your provider’s availability and how soon you would like to be seen, your appointment may be with another provider. Appointments are 20 minutes and most are billed like an in-person clinic visit. Some insurers and Medicare Advantage plans however are waiving copays for COVID and/or non-COVID related telehealth visits—check with your insurance provider.

To participate in a virtual visit, you’ll need the following:

  1. An active MyChart account (Ask about getting an account if you don’t have one yet.)
  2. A mobile device (smartphone, iPad or tablet device) or a laptop or computer set up with video capabilities including microphone, speakers and webcam

After your appointment has been confirmed, we’ll send a tip sheet via MyChart so you can get ready for your first virtual visit via Zoom.

Call your primary or specialty care clinic to schedule a telehealth visit. Find primary care and specialty clinic phone number info here. During your phone call, we’ll ask the reason for your visit and will help you decide the effectiveness of a telehealth visit for your particular concern. Want to know more about telehealth at Valley? Watch video. Read prep tips.

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