An Antibody Serology Test for COVID-19 Tells You Very Little Useful Information

An Antibody Serology Test for COVID-19 Tells You Very Little Useful Information
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Valley offers a blood test that will identify antibodies for the COVID-19 virus through LabCorp and UW Medicine. However, the benefits of getting this test are uncertain. The serology test result provides NO information about COVID-19 immunity or if you have an active COVID-19 infection with symptoms or without. If you have already tested positive for COVID-19 with a nasal swab test, there is little clinical need for the antibody test.

We are not recommending this test for general use at this time, but if you are still interested in getting the test or your employer requires it, first you will need a telehealth or phone appointment with a healthcare provider for an evaluation to decide if this test is right for you at this time. For most accurate results, patients should be tested no sooner than 25 days from their initial onset of COVID-19 symptoms.

Testing for Antibodies is Different than Treating a Sick COVID-19 Patient with Antibodies Obtained from Plasma Donation
Just to clarify, serology testing to see if someone has antibodies for COVID-19 should not be confused with donating plasma for treating COVID-19 patients with antibodies. Those who have tested positive for COVID-19 infection may be eligible to donate plasma as part of a research study with Bloodworks Northwest to determine if antibodies may be a useful therapy in treating certain COVID-19 patients. Recovered from COVID-19 and interested in donating plasma? Learn more.

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