Caring for Our Community Like Family

Caring for Our Community Like Family

By Rich Roodman, CEO, Valley Medical Center

Over the past year, we’ve taken a deep dive into Valley’s mission, vision and values. We felt it was time to review and potentially refresh our statements to ensure they connect with our people (staff and community alike) and genuinely reflect Valley’s core beliefs. To do this thoughtfully, we engaged audiences across our organization to provide input through focus groups, group exercises and surveys. We spoke with staff members, Board members, providers, Valley’s Patient & Family Advisory Council, and our community. We were told about patient stories and experiences that provided meaning and inspiration. And we asked what people were most proud of when they thought about Valley.

We then had the challenging task of distilling all the information received into concise statements that people could easily connect with and be inspired by:

Our new mission statement reflects the depth of compassion we have for those we love when we see them in need. For our community, this mission inspires trust and sets a high bar of expectation for the care we provide. Each day we strive to provide the kind of remarkable care to our community that we want for our loved ones.

While our new mission is focused on where we are today, our new vision is all about where Valley is headed into the future, where WE are going, together:

And last but not least, our new values statement reflects Valley’s top priorities and core beliefs:

  • SAFETY—our core value
  • We treat people with respect & compassion
  • We embrace diversity, equity & inclusion
  • We encourage collaboration & teamwork
  • We promote innovation
  • We expect excellence

Many thanks to those who provided valuable input and feedback throughout this process and helped hone the thousands of words and ideas into these three concise and remarkably meaningful, thoughtful statements. We are inspired and proud of the remarkable work WE are doing together to serve our community and each other.

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