Fit Walking into Your Schedule

Fit Walking into Your Schedule

The great thing about walking as a form of exercise is that it can be done most anywhere and it’s easy to fit in short, energetic bursts throughout the day if you plan. The American Heart Association suggests that adults spend at least 30 minutes each day doing a moderate intensity activity. Fitting brisk walking into your daily schedule is one way to meet that goal. The really good news is that walking breaks don’t need to be consecutive minutes. Total physical activity minutes provide important health benefits. Short spurts of vigorous walking throughout the day are effective at improving health, though you may not be adding to your endurance level, says a new study.

To fit walking into your schedule:

  • Park or get off at the bus/train station 10 minutes away from your job.
  • Schedule a lunchtime walk in your work calendar.
  • Keep everything at work that you’ll need for walking.
  • Listen to music while walking (but not so loudly that you can’t hear traffic around you), or recruit friends to walk with you.
  • Before going to bed, lay out your walking clothes and shoes.
  • If you decide to walk at night, wear reflective clothing or carry a light.

Adapted from American Heart Association recommendations.

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