#OfftheClock – Lynn Jackson Red Cross Volunteering

#OfftheClock – Lynn Jackson Red Cross Volunteering
Photo Credit To Lynn Jackson

When a disaster strikes, volunteers are the source of life for shelters, healthcare delivery, and distribution of life-saving resources. The helping hands of volunteers are an integral part of getting the community back to some sense of normalcy. Lynn Jackson, a registered nurse in Valley’s Birth Center is one pair of those hands.

Lynn was deployed to northern California twice, first in October 2017 and again in July 2018 during the Carr fire that left the air thick with smoke for days. During the Carr Fire, Lynn spent 12 days in Redding, Calif. where she provided disaster health services to evacuees in a shelter in Weaverville.

Photo credit to Lynn Jackson

Lynn’s extensive experience volunteering in disaster recovery efforts with the Red Cross started with the infamous Hurricane Katrina.

“I began my service to the Red Cross back in 2003 in Texas. I became a CPR/AED/First Aid instructor in our small chapter and was in nursing school when Katrina hit in 2005. Many of the evacuees came to our small town. I was assigned to the disaster relief team and followed the nurses to the shelters, providing basic healthcare,” says Lynn. “One month later, Rita hit our town and once again I repeated my assignment in disaster health.”

When Lynn moved to Seattle in 2007, she decided to continue her service with the Red Cross, allowing her to deploy to the aid of our neighbors in California. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated member of our community on our team and  when responding to healthcare needs following natural disaster, Lynn proudly represents the Red Cross and Valley.

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