#OffTheClock – Hiking, Mud Running, Skydiving, Team Building: Meet the Adventure Junkies!

At Valley Medical Center, our staff embodies the mantra “work hard, play hard.” While there are many individual interests (a few which have been featured on this blog) there’s also an energetic group that brings together staff from across the organization for a variety of active outings—meet the Adventure Junkies! Initiated by three Valley staffers back in 2011, the Adventure Junkies organize trips including hiking, snowshoeing, skydiving and ziplining, as well as coordinate participation in mud runs, triathlons, and 5Ks for Valley staff and their families. “A small group of Valley employees had participated in a couple of mud runs and hikes together, and even went on a whitewater rafting trip. We then decided it would be more fun with more people and that’s how it all started,” said group leader James Nolan, a supervisor in Valley’s IT department. The group’s first official outing was a hike up Mt. Si.

Since its inception, the Adventure Junkies have participated in dozens of activities throughout western and central Washington and as far as Southern California. This summer the group goes even further as several staffers and their families are traveling overseas for a mud run in Ireland. “This group is for people who love living life, having fun, exploring and getting out of their comfort zones. We all like different things, but we may find new things we love if we’re willing to share in a few adventures together. Let’s hike that trail, bike that path, ride those rapids, or any other adventure someone dreams up! The Adventure Junkies have fun and motivate each other to conquer fears, believe in themselves, and go further and higher than they ever thought possible,” says Nolan.

For more on the Adventure Junkies, check out the groups Facebook page.

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  1. Julia

    To all Adventure Junkies: Be sure to log your group activity on the Staywell portal and earn 10 points towards your incentive goal. Reach your incentive goal by Dec 1, 2018 to qualify for the 2019 Wellness Rate! For more info: https://valleymed.sharepoint.com/teams/vmc/wellness/SitePages/Home.aspx

    To earn your 10 points:
    Login at http://www.valleymedical.staywell.com
    Go to My Incentive (see your incentive goal progress tracker and continue working on your wellness goals)
    Click on “Go Here” under Valley/Community Activities
    Click on “Department Wide Organized Wellness Activity Event”
    Follow the instructions to earn 10 points!

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