Safely Dispose of Expired or Unused Medications at Valley’s Drop-off Kiosks

Safely Dispose of Expired or Unused Medications at Valley’s Drop-off Kiosks
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Valley Medical Center is proud to partner with King County MED-Project with the installation of two medication drop-off kiosks on campus. Conveniently located at Prescription Pad North and the hospital’s main lobby, these bright blue kiosks allow individuals to bring expired, unused, or unwanted medicines to a centralized, secure location for appropriate disposal. The King County MED-Project provides education and outreach to the community, including emphasizing the importance of promptly and properly disposing of unwanted medicine.


Kiosk highlights

  • Prescription medications, including controlled substances, are permitted as are most over-the-counter medications. See below for exclusions.
  • A person can only dispose of medications either prescribed to him/herself or for the use of a member of their household. VMC staff may not dispose of patients’ medications.
  • What’s accepted? Medications in any dosage form, in their original container or sealed bag, except those listed below.
  • What’s not accepted? Herbal remedies, vitamins, supplements, cosmetics, other personal care products, compressed
    cylinders, aerosols, inhalers, medical devices, pet pesticide products, sharps, illicit drugs, iodine-containing medications


    Questions? Visit or contact the King County MED-Project at 1.844.MED.PROJ.

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    1. Valley Communications

      Hi Neil,

      We sent your question to one of our pharmacists and he responded “Per the take-back program, it is a legacy rule by the DEA based on some environmental concerns where iodine is disposed. The amount of iodine in drugs is minimal, so they are currently re-evaluating this and it may change in the future.”

  1. Judy Fischer

    Huray!! This is needed! I felt like a criminal trying to drop old meds. Off at the police station.
    Great decision Valley!
    Judy Fischer

  2. Rich Pochmn

    What exactly is a sealed Bag? Will a zip lock bag with a mixture of loss pill be axceptable?

    1. Valley Communications

      Hi Rich,

      We sent your inquiry to one of our pharmacists and he said that this would be sufficient.

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