Five Ways to Add Veggies to Most Any Meal

Five Ways to Add Veggies to Most Any Meal

If your family doesn’t eat enough vegetables, there are ways to sneak them into almost any meal.

The American Heart Association suggests:

  • Shred veggies such as beets, parsnips and zucchini, adding them to pasta, baked goods and other favorite recipes.
  • Substitute cooked, ground mushrooms instead of about half of the ground meat normally used in dishes such as meatballs, meatloaf or burgers.
  • Cook and puree butternut squash, carrots or sweet potatoes and add to macaroni and cheese.
  • Puree your favorite beans into a nutritious dip. Serve with whole-grain crackers or baby carrots.
  • Blend a brightly colored, nutritious smoothie with a banana, milk or yogurt and spinach, sweet potatoes or beets.


  1. Michelle

    These are fantastic ideas. Thank you for sharing, I will be certain to try a few.

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