#OutreachAllStars – Meet Heather Lewis

#OutreachAllStars – Meet Heather Lewis

“Sometimes, for an individual, finding a physician or clinic is about meeting someone you relate to,” says Heather Lewis on why she volunteers outside or her normal job duties with Valley Medical Center. “There is a lot of potential for me to be that person when I’m out and about volunteering.”

Heather, started at Valley in 2014 as a Patient Services Representative for Cascade Clinic and is now the Clinic’s Community Health Facilitator. Since starting at Valley, Heather has volunteered three or more times a year for outreach events.

Heather has deep roots with Valley and the community around us, and she continues to live and work in the community where she was raised. She was born at Valley Medical Center back in the day when it was called Valley General. She has only ever seen doctors at Valley Medical Center and her three children were also born here, “what better place to work where you’re seen and with people you already trust,” she says.

You could say volunteering is in her blood. Heather remembers when she was younger that her Grandfather, Charles Weglage, was one of the hospital’s avid VIA volunteers until a stroke left him unable to do so. She still has a picture of him delivering items to patient rooms on duty as a volunteer.

Outside of work and volunteering at Valley events, Heather spends a ton of time with her children and family. She enjoys crafting of all kinds and would rather give a personal hand-made gift than buying one at the store. She often makes quilts for friends, family, and co-workers when a baby arrives and sometimes knits hats and bibs, wrapping precious little lives in her love.

The UW Medicine | Valley Medical Center outreach team is made up of more than 100 employees who dedicate volunteer time outside of their normal work schedules to promote Valley and its wellness initiatives through community and Valley-hosted events. 

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