#TopDocTuesday – Meet Therapeutic Radiologist Dr. Robert Douglas

#TopDocTuesday – Meet Therapeutic Radiologist Dr. Robert Douglas

When asked what he loves most about his job, Top Doc and Therapeutic Radiologist Robert Douglas, MD—without hesitation—says “Working with wonderful people.”

“Our patients are delightful people from our community struggling with a cancer diagnosis,” says Dr. Douglas. “Ridding them of cancer and returning them to the life they had before their diagnosis provides an unparalleled sense of satisfaction. When a cancer is not curable, providing relief of symptoms and improving a patient’s quality of life is very rewarding as well.”

“Our staff and my colleagues are supportive, knowledgeable, collaborative and a pleasure to work with,” continues Dr. Douglas. “I enjoy being part of this fabulous team.”

Dr. Douglas is Board Certified in Therapeutic Radiology. He received his medical degree from the University of Washington and completed his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Douglas believes that patients should actively participate in their care. He works with patients and their families to select the best treatment plan, providing the information they need to understand their illness and available treatment options. He provides ongoing, compassionate support throughout the treatment process, scheduling therapy at the earliest opportunity and appropriate imaging studies. He plans for timely treatment with his patients’ comfort in mind, and schedules periodic follow up visits and diligently manages any after-effects of therapy.

* The 2016 Seattle Met Top Doctors survey polled doctors, nurses and physician assistants across King, Snohomish, Kitsap and Pierce counties, asking “If you or a loved one needed medical care, whom would you choose?” Voters nominated their peers based on the provider’s level of experience and competency within their specialty, rapport with patients – including patient satisfaction and compliance with care recommendations – and ability to work effectively with colleagues across specialties to deliver the best care for patients.

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