How Valley’s Chaplain Donna Schreiber and Her Volunteers Support our Patients

How Valley’s Chaplain Donna Schreiber and Her Volunteers Support our Patients

In honor of Spiritual Care Week, October 16—22, we thought we’d share how Chaplain Donna Schreiber’s colleagues view her supportive role with staff, patients and families.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Donna as a med-surg nurse, as an ED nurse and now as an assistant nurse manager. Donna brings many cards to the table and UW Medicine: VMC is a stronger organization with her. Donna responds to RRTs and acts as a translator of sorts for patient families: she lets them know in terms they can understand what is going on and why it is going on. I’ve witnessed the not-insubstantial benefit this imparts on those affected. Donna is present as a shoulder to lean on (and cry on) for patients, and most importantly for staff, in times of need. She’s proof positive of VMC’s commitment to being an employer of choice in the Puget Sound.”

Trevor Lanz RN, BSN, MN

“Donna Schreiber, Chaplain of Spiritual Care Services provides leadership to a volunteer staff who assist in caring for patients on a spiritual perspective. Donna trains and supervises volunteers who visit patients desiring someone to come alongside their journeys: listening, caring, encouraging and praying with them and their caregivers during their stay at the hospital. Donna and volunteers also assist and support the staff as requested. Donna’s leadership style is cooperative, with clear communication that is open, educational and sharing. This all occurs during her monthly volunteer staff meeting. Donna knows healing the person is not just physical, it is also emotional, mental and spiritual. That’s why VMC has a team (doctors, nurses, social workers, janitors, chaplains, etc.) for the patients and their family.”

Dave Johnson, Volunteer Spiritual Care Services

“As a Chaplain of a hospital, it takes a special person to fill those shoes. Donna is just that person. Spending your day visiting patients, families and loved ones that are possibly at their darkest hour due to an unforeseen circumstance, or just being with others who know it is time to let go. Either way, Donna is able to calm the setting and help them through the journey. I have also seen her be part of ‘the happiest time’ when she was able to preside over a wedding of a patient and her fiancé. Donna takes care of her co-workers with monthly teas for the different units, just letting them sit back, take a deep breath and be still. Setting up a memorial of a staff member that had passed, was a beautiful tribute that Donna was able to do with ease. Donna is also a part of many different committees that work on doing the best for the patients. Being a chaplain is a big job here at Valley Medical Center and Donna Schreiber does it with a smile.”

Suzanne Barringer, Unit Secretary, Critical Care

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    I have the please to volunteer under her and could not ask for a better and sweetest Chaplain.God bless her.

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