New Research Paper from Neuroscience Institute Medical Director David Vossler

New Research Paper from Neuroscience Institute Medical Director David Vossler

David-G-VosslerCongratulations to Neuroscience Institute Medical Director David Vossler, MD, FAAN, for the recent publication of a research paper for which he was lead author. The research took place over a seven year period with 108 sites participating worldwide.

The study entitled, “Long-term exposure and safety of lacosamide monotherapy for the treatment of partial-onset (focal) seizures: Results form a multicenter, open-label trial,” was recently published in Epilepsia, Official Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy.

The study’s results support the use of lacosamide as long-term monotherapy treatment for adults with partial-onset seizures. Why is this significant? Epilepsy will occur in approximately one in 26 people over their lifetime, and partial-onset (focal) seizures (POS) are the predominant seizure type in adults with epilepsy.

Key Points of the Study

  • This was a 2-year open-label extension to a multicenter, double-blind, conversion-to-monotherapy study
  • The majority of patients still in the study at the 12- and 24-month points, were taking LCM monotherapy
  • Lacosamide monotherapy was generally well tolerated for up to 2 years of treatment
  • The median LCM dose was 500 mg/day, and doses up to 800 mg/day were tolerated
  • Post hoc analyses of responder rates suggest that reductions in seizure frequency were maintained over long-term LCM treatment


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