Peggy’s Journey to Wellness and Weight Loss

Peggy’s Journey to Wellness and Weight Loss

When Peggy graduated from VMC’s 16-week Healthy Foundations program, she says she not only improved her health and wellness, she now feels more balance in her life.

Like so many others, I’ve struggled with my weight and always looked for a solution.  I tried the usual routes in the past and have been successful taking weight off, only to have it return.  Being a person who is a believer in finding balance in life, I was drawn to the Healthy Foundations program for the simple reason of balance.

Yes, this program can be intimidating and, yes, it is a huge commitment of time. But I’m here to tell you this program—even though it’s not a weight loss program in the traditional approach—will be a side benefit.  When you put your health first above anything else going on in your life, it’s amazing how successful you can be.  Even though the Healthy Foundations program has ended for me, I’m in control of my health and on the right path to continue with a healthy diet and exercise regime on my own. I can’t give this program enough praise.

— Peggy, 5/7/16

Peggy’s Biometric Results (16 weeks, via Healthy Foundations)

  • Lost 23 pounds
  • BMI dropped by 3.8 (37.4 to 33.6 kg/m2)
  • Body Fat percentage dropped by 3.4%
  • Waist Circumference dropped by 2.5 inches
  • Blood Pressure improved from 132/90 to 123/73
  • VO2 (maximum volume of oxygen): 28.7 to 36.8 ml/kg/min
  • Resting Heart Rate improved: from 68 to 57 bpm

We congratulate Peggy on her success and look forward to seeing her at our fitness center on a regular basis.

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