Is Your Tablet Becoming a Pain in the Neck?

Is Your Tablet Becoming a Pain in the Neck?

Since reading, working and keeping in touch socially are now often done on tablets, users need to re-examine the way they hold and read tablets so they don’t incur injury or strain. Tablet users can put a considerable amount of strain on their necks compared to desktop or laptop users.

What can you do to prevent neck strain and pain?
• Position your tablet at or just below eye level, which may mean that you place the tablet higher than table or desk level. This prevents constantly bending your neck to look down, which causes undue neck strain.
• Move around. Take advantage of a tablet’s portability and take frequent breaks or change positions so you are not sitting in one position for long periods.
• Use a separate keyboard if you plan on using your tablet like a desktop.
• Keep a neutral position when reading your tablet – shoulders relaxed and neck straight.

These few pointers should help you avoid unnecessary pain and strain.

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