Get Fit Tip! Take it Outside—Just 20 Minutes Can Get You a Great Fresh Air Workout!

Get Fit Tip! Take it Outside—Just 20 Minutes Can Get You a Great Fresh Air Workout!
Have a short break in your day? Here is an easy 20-minute workout. Just find a park bench or drag a sturdy chair outside.
Minutes 1-3: Warm up
Jog or march in place or around a grassy area. Allow your arms to swing and take deep breaths.
Minute 4: Squat & Reach
Start with your feet shoulder width apart, lower your hips back as if you were sitting in a chair, push through your heels and squeeze your glutes (your derriere muscles) as you return to standing and reach your arms overhead. Push yourself! Try to do this for a whole minute.
Minute 5: Incline Push-Ups
Place your hands on the bench (or on the floor for greater difficulty), lower your chest toward the bench, and then push yourself back to a plank position. Keep your core muscles activated, and back flat and supported.
Minute 6: Triceps Dips
Sit on a bench with your hands by your sides; move your hips just off the bench, lower your body down towards the floor, and then return to the starting position (without allowing the hips to rest on the bench).
Minute 7: Lunge/Knee with your Right Leg
Take a big step back with the right foot, squeeze your glutes as you return to standing, bring the right knee up to a 90 degree position, balance for a moment and repeat. To increase difficulty, add a hop.
Minute 8: Lunge/Knee with your Left Leg
Minutes 9-10: Cardio
Any combination of marching, fast feet, squat thrusts, jump rope, kicks or dancing!
Minute 11: Repeat Squat & Reach
Add a hop for greater challenge.
Minute 12: Repeat Push-Ups
Minute 13: Repeat Triceps Dips
Minute 14: Repeat Lunge/Knee Right Leg
Minute 15: Repeat Lunge/Knee Left Leg
Minutes 16-17: Cardio
Your choice – anything that gets the blood pumping!
Minutes 18-20: Cool Down
Walk around for a minute to lower the heart rate. Follow with some gentle stretches.

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