The Stress Prescription with Dani Dutro, LMHC

The Stress Prescription with Dani Dutro, LMHC

Dani Dutro, LMHC, Valley’s Employee Behavioral Health Advocate, hosts a weekly “Well-Being Wednesday” webinar series for Valley staff. This summer, Dani’s webinars focus on developing a positive relationship with stress. As stress is something everyone deals with in some form, we decided to share these internal presentations publicly.

The seven-session “Stress Prescription” series is based on the work of Elissa Epel, a psychologist who specializes in stress, aging, and well-being. Epel has developed self-care practices rooted in scientific research to improve how we cope with stress.

Video 1: Things Will Go Wrong and That’s Alright

Video 2: Control What You Can and Put Down the Rest

Video 3: Be the Lion

Video 4: Train for Resilience

Video 5: Let Nature Do the Work

Video 6: Don’t Just Relax – Restore

Video 7: Start Full, End Full

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