Get Outside and Play!

Get Outside and Play!

Content provided by Christopher Bisogni and Loren Burnett, occupational therapists at Valley’s Children’s Therapy Clinic.

As daylight hours are longer and weather is warmer, spring and summer allow more opportunities to utilize local parks and playgrounds. After spending most of the winter inside, and with increased screen time becoming a reality for many children, playing outside is a great way to change routines and provide variety of activities for play and learning.

Playing on playgrounds provides many developmental and sensory benefits to children:

  • Climbing and using various playground equipment provides children with visual, tactile, proprioceptive (body awareness), and vestibular (body movement) inputs that can support a child’s regulation.
  • Use of playgrounds and parks provides opportunities to work on play and social skills with parents and other children in the area.
  • Play in parks and playgrounds provides motivating opportunities for kids to grow their gross motor skills including bilateral coordination, strength, and balance.

Whether they are exploring a new environment, learning how to share and work with other children, building strength, or overcoming their fears and challenges, children of any age and ability level can benefit from playing on playgrounds.

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