‘Thirty-five Years Went By in the Blink of an Eye’ Says Senior Health and Volunteer Advocate Grace Dalrymple as She Retires

‘Thirty-five Years Went By in the Blink of an Eye’ Says Senior Health and Volunteer Advocate Grace Dalrymple as She Retires

Many of you know Grace Dalrymple as she led GoldenCare senior wellness activities, teaching us all how to “Age with Grace.” After more than three decades of remarkable service, Grace Dalrymple retired from Valley Medical Center in early December. Beginning her career as a medical assistant, then transitioning to Valley’s business office where she was immersed in on-the-job Medicare training, Grace moved seamlessly to providing Medicare counseling for seniors in our community. While leading GoldenCare, Grace organized flu shot clinics, health screenings and senior health fairs, improving the health of thousands of community members. Through her additional leadership of Volunteers in Action, the Healing Garden and gift shop, there’s no question Grace has left an indelible mark at Valley.

“Thirty-five years went by in the blink of an eye,” says Grace. “Over the years I’ve had eight bosses and more co-workers than I can count. I had the good fortune to work with and learn from the best and the brightest at VMC. I found my true passion in the GoldenCare program and honestly felt like I had the best job there could be—it was a great source of pride for me. Working with our volunteer organization and helping manage their staff and business was the icing thing on the cake. I’m continually impressed with the work our Service Navigators provide our medical center and wish everyone I’ve known and worked with the best of health and happiness!”  

In addition to enjoying the winter sunshine in the Southwest, Grace is looking forward to spending more time with family, and in particular, a new grandchild. As a great friend and a fun-loving, accomplished colleague, the Valley team will miss her dearly.

Volunteer Services welcomes Carrie Murayama who has added the management of this team to her role leading Development at Valley. If you are a current volunteer, you’ll already know Lara Wilmore who has been promoted to Supervisor of Volunteer Services. Medicare counseling for GoldenCare members is provided by Paul Gunther.  

For those who have appreciated her expertise or enjoyed volunteering under her leadership, we invite you to leave well wishes for Grace in the comments below.

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  1. Patricia Sarine.

    Dearest Grace,
    Wishing you the very best in your retirement.
    You made my years as a Volunteer very enjoyable. Thank you!
    No one can really ever replace you, truly you were the best to work with and for.
    You will be missed so much by so many.
    Take care and enjoy. Most sincerely,
    Pat Sarine

  2. Caroline Coleman

    We will miss you. I remember by aunt talking about working with you before I retired and became a volunteer myself. Enjoy yourself. Oh and of your could leave full contact info so I can consult about my plants? Just kiddo g

  3. Diana Pistoll

    My beloved Mother, Claire Walker, volunteered at Golden Care years back and she always had wonderful things to say about you, Grace. She adored you and she always felt appreciated by you and felt her volunteer contribution was important. She was impressed by your delightful demeanor, your ample sense of humor, and the dignity with which you treated others.
    She would be happy to know you are retiring and also glad that I passed along her family’s appreciation of you and our congratulations on your retirement!
    Best wishes as you embark on your own agenda, and thank you for your service to others.
    Diana Pistoll

  4. Diane Greene

    I knew you did so much with Golden care and with Medicare counseling before I retired, but I didn’t realize how much expertise you had with the volunteers until I became one! And most especially I appreciate how you reached out to all the volunteers with updates during Pandemic 2020. Enjoy your grandchild.

    Diane Greene

  5. Wende Wahl

    Congratulations on your retirement Grace!!
    As a long time gift shop volunteer, I enjoyed working for you. Your leadership made the gift shop a success.
    You will be missed!!

    All the best,
    Wende Wahl

  6. Kathy Ragsdale

    Grace, I will miss our random chats and your strong guidance as I worked in a few different volunteer positions at VMC. I’ll still be there, and remembering you, as I continue to share my free time in service of the many patients at Valley and on the VIA Board. As a grandmother, I know you will thoroughly enjoy time with the little one! Enjoy retirement, my friend!!!
    Kathy Ragsdale

  7. Mike Hori

    Grace, I am amazed that you were at Valley for 35 years, yet you were always here when I was so I guess it is the truth. I wish you an amazing retirement, well deserved

  8. Missy

    Thank you for your service, Grace! You have always been so pleasant and always helpful. My sister, Lizann and I wish you the best in your retirement!

  9. May

    Grace, sorry I missed your farewell (I was out of town), you will be sooo missed! And I will miss bumping into you at the gift shop. Enjoy your fabulous retirement with your family and grandchild. So happy for you!

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