Honoring Robert “Dr. Bob” Thompson, MD, Valley’s First Clinic Network Provider—Kind, Generous and Beloved

Honoring Robert “Dr. Bob” Thompson, MD, Valley’s First Clinic Network Provider—Kind, Generous and Beloved

We are heartbroken to announce the passing of Robert “Dr. Bob” Thompson, beloved family provider at Valley for 37 years. Dr. Bob cared for generations of families, living a life of selfless service, kindness and love for others. He cared deeply about people and was a blessing and a light to all who knew him.

“He was the MVP of human beings, always present and giving his full attention. He had a life of service, giving the one thing that cannot be replaced—his time. The primary word that comes to mind is ‘good.’ Whenever someone was done talking with Bob, they just felt better. A true healer, in every sense of the word.”

– Rich Roodman, former Valley CEO of 37 years

Born and raised in Burien, Dr. Bob attended Washington State University, receiving his medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine in 1981. He had a great sense of humor, and was endlessly thoughtful and welcoming to everyone around him. He was an avid swimmer, who loved boating, fishing and traveling, but his greatest joy was spending time with his family—his 4 children, 14 grandchildren, and his wife who was the love of his life.

Dr. Bob was the kind of physician who inspires others to join the field of medicine. Known for his generous and kind spirit, he had patients who brought their children, and eventually their grandchildren to see him over the course of their lives. As a family practitioner, Dr. Bob delivered hundreds of babies at Valley and was recognized by Seattle Business Magazine as an Outstanding Health Care Practitioner in Washington State.

Not only did Dr. Bob devote his career to his patients, but also to those outside the hospital walls in need of care. His vision led to the creation of Renton RotaCare Free Clinic and eventually several others to serve patients without medical insurance who could not afford care. A dedicated member of his local church, Dr. Bob shared his passion for giving back with youth groups and traveling abroad on mission trips to build homes for those in need. An invaluable contributor to the welfare of others, he was voted Renton’s Citizen of the Year in 2010 for his outstanding service to our community.

The countless ways Dr. Bob provided care for those around him are centered on one simple quality—his genuine kindness. He left this world a better place and will be dearly missed by all who had the great honor to know and work with him.

Our hearts are heavy, and our thoughts are with his family as we take time to reflect on this great loss.

For those wanting to make a contribution in his memory, the Dr. Bob Thompson Memorial Fund has been established to continue his legacy for caring for all in the community like family at valleymed.org/gift.

Many have asked about how to help recognize Dr. Bob’s tremendous impact so Valley has established the Dr. Bob Thompson Memorial Fund to continue his legacy of giving back through community health and outreach. In addition, in recognition of Dr. Bob’s love for water and the outdoors and to give staff, patients and visitors a tranquil place of respite and reflection, a new waterfall will be constructed in the Healing Garden that includes a wave-formed gabion metal structure and blue-green glass floats in his honor. Donations to the Dr. Bob Memorial Fund can be made here.

Dr. Bob was a blessing and a treasure to all who knew him. He is deeply missed but his spirit will continue to live on through us, through his patients and families and through every person he touched across our community and around the world.

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    I had the privilege of having Dr Bob as my PCP for over 20 years. He always gave a hug to welcome me and one on your way out to reassure me.
    He always looked me in the eye and took a much time as I needed.
    I always felt safe with Dr Bob and he was there during some tough times for me. Not only a my doctor, but as a friend.
    You will be greatly missed Dr. Bob!
    My thoughts and prayers are with your family and to all, like me, who had the privilege of having you on our lives.

  2. Michael Tacher

    Dr. Thompson even before he joined Valley had an initial practice in the Renton Highlands. It was there my wife took our son who was 8 months old and had been fevering and lethargic for 2 days. The Doctors at Children’s said Dr. Thompsons quick diagnosis saved Jacob’s life and could have easily been misdiagnosed. He called for an ambulance immediately and it was determined that Jacob had spinal meningitis which was spiraling out of control with bacteria levels at deadly levels. I am forever grateful for his keen mind, his kindness and talent as an extremely great doctor.

  3. Mark Douglass

    Make no mistake Bob Thompson’s life was motivated by the love of Jesus Christ, and he was used mightily. Christian ministries like Young Life will miss him immensely !!

  4. Tom Calvin

    I’m shocked and greatly saddened to hear of Dr. Bob’s passing. He was my primary care provider since about 1986. He delivered both of my kids. For me he was the face of VMC. The last time I saw him, in late 2020, he told me he was going to retire in about March of 2021. I feel bad that he didn’t get to enjoy that retirement.

    1. Valley Communications

      Hi Karen, unfortunately we don’t have access to that video, but we do have the tribute video that was shown at the end of his memorial, which you are welcome to view and share here.

  5. Sue Bauer

    Dr Bob was such a kind generous man, with his time and love for his patients and humanity. He was our family physician for 28 years, we considered him a friend. During those years he delivered our youngest son, gave care to us when we were not feeling good, gave clean bills of health, encouragement when we needed it, as well as love and understanding. We will miss seeing him, thankful for the one last visit I had in August. We send love and prayers to his family for their hurting hearts. He certainly made a wonderful lasting impact on all who knew him. The water fountain in his memory is perfect!

  6. jpudsy@yahoo.com

    Robert Thompson was my doctor for at least 30 to 35 years. My husband Noel Pudwill RN worked around him when he was interning at Valley and loved how he was with the patients and knew right there that he wanted him for our primary doctor. He love the seahawks and we often talked about the games during the appointment. I also found out how much he loved tugboats which my son is now a Captain on.

    This is going to take a while to get over as he has been such a huge part of our lives especially with my recent health issue’s. He will missed so very much. Fair sailings our friend……

  7. Lisa Adair

    I was shocked and so saddened to hear of “Dr. Bob” passing. He was my primary Dr. for 35 years and delivered my children. He was the best listener and empathetic and responsive to my medical up’s and down’s in the many years of seeing him. Kind is definitely the right word to describe him, yet he was so much more. He will be greatly missed by all his patients I’m sure. My heart goes out to his family.

  8. Ronald lee beaver

    i was one of the many that he healed one of the times he came to the hospital after he ended his day to check on me when you went to see him he had enough tme to talk about your problems he will be missed by many

  9. Glenys Cokchran

    I was blessed to be DrDr Bob’s patient for all 37 years he practiced at Valley. He visited me twice when I was in ICU at 5:30 in the morning, stayed about 30 minutes then went to start his day. He delivered medications to me, came to my home and wrapped my leg whenI I fractured my knee, stopping at three drugstores to find bandages. He then went home for the day at 7pm. I met Haley and Travis when Dr Bob made rounds on a Saturday morning. They were about 4 and 3, now married with children. He went to Gutamala with Haley to get Haley’s new adopted daughter. I told him aI did not want to find a new doctor so he could not retire! What an incredible gift to all he touched

  10. Samuel George

    I have worked for valley from 1992 until 2004, for me Dr. Bob was a true inspiration and always with a smiling face, was a shock to hear his passing away 🥲🙏

  11. Candyce Windels

    I had the honor of meeting Dr. Bob many times, although I am not a patient of his, my fiancee and his family have been lifelong patients of his. We were all shocked and broken hearted to hear of his passing. The times I met him, he was always very kind, caring, funny, and generally just a good man. I’ve heard many stories over the 6 years with my fiancee from him and his family about Dr. Bob. He will be greatly missed!

  12. Martha Knop

    Dr Bob was my Dr for 35 years. I will miss him. He will continue to be busy on the other side I am sure!

  13. Frank and Char Rice

    No matter how busy Dr Bob was he always took the time to listen to what you had to say. Rest In Peace Dr. Bob. Love the Rices Frank and Char

  14. S. Diane Austin

    Dr. BOB DELIVERED my 2nd child and was such an important person in my life as a young mother. I will forever be grateful and thankful for the impact of his life lived out in true Christian love. I am sad to know he is gone from here but know that he is in a wonderful place with God. My prayers are for his family.

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