It’s Time to Start Healing

It’s Time to Start Healing

Don’t delay getting your diagnostic tests. We’re here to keep you safe and healthy.

It has been a long, tough road the past three months and we know many of our patients have put off important appointments and tests. For some, chronic or new health conditions have surfaced or gotten worse. We want you to know when you’re ready, we’re ready. We are here to provide vital care and testing, helping keep you safe and getting you on the road to recovery.

If you have a diagnostic test that needs to be scheduled, call us today!

  • EKG: 425.228.3440 ext. 5137
  • Echocardiogram & Cardiac Stress Testing: 425.690.3532
  • X-ray & Ultrasound: 425.690.3655 or 425.251.5183
  • CT Scan: 425.656.5550 or 425.251.5183
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): 425.656.5550
  • Nuclear Medicine: 425.228.3440 ext. 4905
  • Dexa Bone Density Scan: 425.656.5588
  • Mammogram: Screening & Diagnostic: 425.656.5588
  • Pulmonary Function Test: 425.690.3484

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