The Sunday Night Overhaul: Executive Function in the Real World — Seth Perler

The Sunday Night Overhaul: Executive Function in the Real World — Seth Perler

One of the best ways we can help our children as they return to school is to establish a routine of organizing their backpacks before the start of each new week. Helping them learn school-related organizational skills is an important part of their school experience. Setting aside some time Sunday afternoon or evening is a great time to do this. Your child should bring home all their papers and assignments from the previous week on Friday.

Step 1 – Update the planner. A monthly planner is recommended. All of your child’s assignments should be recorded in the planner. Look for any outstanding work (not completed). Then enter what should they be doing this coming week.

Step 2 – Backpack reset. Pull everything out of the backpack onto the table. Go through every paper and put it in the right folder. Get rid of old papers that they don’t need to keep. Backpack folders should only contain current paperwork and assignments. When putting items back into backpack, have your child do it. Color coding folders and using large labels are helpful. 

Step 3 – Paper management. Minimize papers. Only keep the current work. IS YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON THE PAPER? Put papers to be turned in into a separate folder or the planner. Reorganize folders and put them back into the backpack.

Step 4 – Reset the study space. Students need a “go-to” place for studying. Remove trash and distractions from the study space.

Step 5 – Online overhaul. Do a portal check-up: At least weekly, look at the portal.

Step 6 – Where is your child at emotionally?  High-lows for the week. Have eye contact with them. Reflect back to them. Convey “Hey, I love you. I’m really proud of you.” 

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Summarized by Cathy Mickelson, CCC-SLP, Children’s Therapy

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