Why is My Toddler Jumping Off the Couch?

Why is My Toddler Jumping Off the Couch?
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Activities like running back and forth, crashing and rolling their bodies into people and objects, difficulty sitting still, climbing and jumping off furniture are ways toddlers gather information about their bodies’ strength, effort required to move and the body’s position in an area. This kind of normal activity even has a complicated name, “proprioception.” Proprioception is one of our eight senses, one that sends information from the from joints, muscles and connective tissues to the brain to provide body and spatial awareness. Our bodies receive proprioceptive feedback by lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy objects (also known as “heavy work”). A child can also activate the proprioceptors by engaging in activities that:

  1. Compress the joints, such as jumping on a trampoline or crashing into a cushion
  2. Stretch the joints, such as hanging from monkey bars or climbing a rock wall

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