Moving Forward with Care-Enhancing Technology Using Safe, Secure Methods

Moving Forward with Care-Enhancing Technology Using Safe, Secure Methods

Your Healthcare Information-Stays Private and Secure
 With the digital world moving at the speed of light, staying up to date with safeguards to protect our patients’ information is a priority at UW Medicine | Valley Medical Center. Since 1947, Valley’s mission has been to improve and sustain the overall health of our community. More than 60 years and leaps of technology later, we remain committed to providing safe, quality healthcare for our patients, which now includes the remarkable work performed by our Information Technology (IT) department.

Valley Adheres to Healthcare Technology Best Practice Standards
IT’s mission is to align its work with the UW Medicine ‘Patients Are First’ initiative by providing the best and most secure services possible in a timely and cost-effective manner. To ensure we deliver high quality solutions like our electronic health record software, we follow Valley Medical Center standard methods and policies.

Examples of our best practice methods:

  • Valley’s Quality Assurance team incorporates quality checkpoints proven to reduce waste and identify issues as early as possible in our projects.
  • Valley subject matter experts and software users validate all new and updated IT systems before they are fully adopted for use. In partnership with IT, these experts rigorously test and refine procedures to best serve our patients before new software is used hospital and clinic network-wide.
  • Valley’s communication and change management strategy provides the right information, to the right people, at the right time. While change can be difficult, preparation is key: the IT team fully informs, trains and supports Valley users as they move forward to enhance care through new technology.

Recognized for Achieving the Highest Level of Electronic Medical Record Adoption
Valley has been recognized with Stage 7 Outpatient Validation certification from HIMSS Analytics, their highest accreditation for high quality use of information technology. “VMC has done a phenomenal job establishing the culture we expect of a Stage 7 organization. From the CEO and throughout the ranks at all levels, it was clear they all share a common vision to provide the best healthcare quality, service, and access through their use of information technology,” said John H. Daniels, CNM, FACHE, FHIMSS, CPHIMS, global vice president, healthcare advisory services group, HIMSS Analytics.

Valley’s Commitment to Advancing Care through Information Technology
Valley and its IT team look forward to providing high quality information systems, using ever-evolving technologies to improve patient care.


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