Workplace Wellness – How Teams Around Valley Promote Healthy Habits

Workplace Wellness – How Teams Around Valley Promote Healthy Habits

Do you ever feel that it is impossible to get up from your desk during the day? Does your lunch consist of whatever is available in the vending machine? While it may seem hard to maintain healthy habits during a busy work shift, Valley’s Renton Landing and North Benson Urgent Care teams, and the Patient Financial Services staff have launched great group initiatives to promote workplace wellness.

Staff from the North Benson and Renton Landing Urgent Care Clinics kicked off their Healthy Habits June Challenge with a drizzly walk around the Renton Landing shopping center.

Renton Landing and North Benson Urgent Care Clinics Healthy Habits June Challenge

With shifts that can last 12 hours, the teams at the Renton Landing and North Benson Urgent Care Clinics decided to work together to be healthier. “It’s about accountability as a team,” said Clinic Manager Amy Wolff. Throughout the month of June, the two clinics will host team walks every Tuesday and Thursday morning, followed by healthy breakfast smoothies. Weekly potluck lunches feature themes including vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, and a sugar-free desserts contest. And at the end of the month, a Jazzercise session lead by Renton Landing Clinic Coordinator Josh Simmons is in the works. In addition to the activities, the clinic leadership team is sending daily healthy habit tips to the staff.






Patient Financial Services Busts a Move

Patient Financial Services staff members take a call break to get up and move.

The customer services representatives in Valley’s Patient Financial Services department devised a feel-good way to get up from their chairs hourly and get their muscles moving. When most of the team is customer-free, the team does repetitive exercises as a group: squats, elbows-to-knees moves, bends and twists. The goal is to stand up and move every hour, with a minimum of 30 exercises three times a day. They all pitch in to watch the call board on the wall and take turns initiating the exercises.

“It’s a great way to relieve stress and get the blood flowing, especially at the end of the day,” says Patient Account Rep Amy Rickert. Buddy Marceaux, Manager Hospital Financial Services, agrees. “The movement breaks bring smiles and eases tension. But it’s not just about the exercise. This group walks on their breaks and spends time together outside of work participating in 5K walks and other activities like the Puyallup Bubble Run they’re doing in a few weeks. This is healthy team building and bonding.”

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