Patient Express Kiosk Pilot Successfully Launched at Maple Valley Clinic

Patient Express Kiosk Pilot Successfully Launched at Maple Valley Clinic

“The staff at Maple Valley Clinic is excited about the new Patient Express kiosk,” says Tara Vestal, Clinic Supervisor and a kiosk super user. “We’re a growing clinic and this gives us an opportunity to make our patients happier by offering this option to avoid the appointment check-in line. Reducing the check-in line also decreases pressure on the PSRs who are able to more fully give the person standing in front of them the attention they deserve.”

Lisa Albiar, Lake Sawyer Clinic Operations Coordinator and another kiosk super user, agrees and adds, “Some patients will also appreciate the privacy of the kiosk, especially in the urgent care setting where they may not want to say out loud to the PSR why they are coming in to be seen,” she says. “And being able to pay their co-pays, plus settle their account balances while they are checking-in at the kiosk, without having to mail in a payment separately, is another bonus.”

Because kiosks are so common in the retail and travel settings, most patients aren’t intimidated by a digital check-in process. “We all love the self-checkout at the grocery store when the lines are long,” says Tara. “Patients like to see the healthcare field is moving forward with new technology that makes their lives easier.”
Both Lisa and Tara are impressed by how user-friendly and simple the kiosk check-in process is for patients. “Behind the scenes for a manual check-in, the Epic world is complex for our PSRs. But with the kiosk, patients get this very streamlined experience,” says Tara.

“It’s also great how patients can sign up for MyChart on the kiosk and get their access info emailed to them,” says Lisa. “Once they’re MyChart users, the check-in process is even more streamlined by using their user names and passwords. And for parents or caregivers accompanying a child or patient with mobility issues, kiosk check-in through MyChart is a nice option.”
Both agree the kiosk fits well into the clinic setting and like that the screen is built to easily adjust for patients of varying height and mobility. “It’s an exciting step forward,” says Tara.

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