Ergonomic Tip of the Week: Don’t be a Hulkamaniac

Ergonomic Tip of the Week: Don’t be a Hulkamaniac


When lifting objects that are out of the “safe lifting zone” (between your knees and shoulders) it is very important to have good technique. Poor technique can lead to many different injuries (especially back injuries) that can affect your work, health, and overall quality of life.

a) When bending down to pick up the item always bend at the knees and not the waist.  Bending at the waist to lift will put stress on your low back.

b) Keep items close to your body. Lifting items that are too far away puts the human body at a mechanical disadvantage. In other words it will be much more difficult to lift.

c) Avoid any twisting of the back when lifting. The low back is very fragile part of our body and needs special treatment to maintain its health.

d) TEAMWORK!!! Don’t feel like you need to be Hulk Hogan and lift everything that is in your path. If there is a task that is too difficult for your ability, save your back and ask for help.

e) Stay limber. Regular exercise can help with daunting tasks such as lifting heavy items. Ask a fitness instructor how to strengthen your core muscles to help prevent back injury.


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