Patient’s perception of hip resurfacing

Patient’s perception of hip resurfacing

At a paper presented at the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, at Dallas, Texas, a study from the Mayo Clinic asked patient’s their perception of function after hip resurfacing versus standard total hip replacement. The majority of patients felt that hip resurfacing was a safer procedure, required less soft tissue damage to perform the procedure, and they would get back to activities more quickly. While these perceptions are not supported by any data, this study underscores how patient perception can influence postoperative result and anticipation of what procedure would be best. Rather than base decisions on perceptions or unfounded claims on the internet, it is best to discuss the pros and cons of different types of hip operations with your orthopedic surgeon to make sure you make a knowledgeable informed consent.

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  1. David Symes

    My attention was drawn to your blog by my daughter who encouraged me to write up my experiences following a first stage hip revision (to combat post operative sepsis). Although 58 yrs old I have now had 4 total hip replacement operations and can add to that the current 1st stage revision.

    I have multiple co-morbidities and have what I think is a rare insight into the pressure that this places on otherwise sound systems and health care practices. In particular I often feel like the relay batton in an unco-ordinated but individually brilliant athletic squad – things do not get passed on very well!

    Elsewhere you rightly draw attention to demographic pressures from the baby boomer generation. I share this concern as it is something that (almost by definition) can be prepared for if sufficiently recognised. In fact my first posting is entiltled Baby boomer – less hip these days! (

    I thought you might be interested in this patient’s perception of this orthopaedic procedure. If you think there is any merit in sharing this with colleagues please pass on the link to them: