Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement – Current Status

Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement – Current Status

There has been continued interest in computer-assisted knee replacement. Recent studies, including one performed at our institution, have confirmed the safety of computer-assisted knee replacement. They have also demonstrated improved frontal alignment of the leg using computer-assisted surgery. There still remain challenges in determining rotational alignment of the implants and alignment of the implants in the lateral plane of the knee. As we continue to improve software as well as techniques, hopefully results will continue to improve. Before computer-assisted knee replacement becomes widely adopted, the price needs to be reduced for the equipment and the length of time it takes to use computer-assisted techniques need to decrease. Over time, both of these I think will occur and we will continue to pursue computer-assisted knee replacement as an option for our patients.

William P. Barrett, M.D.

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  1. Mark Heirigs

    Good Morning Dr. Barrett,

    First thank you for referring me to Dr. Dennis. I just forward your office phone and fax numbers to his assistant. Next week the right knee gets replaced. Do you recommend the use of computer assistance in replacing the knee? Your blog mentions your trial; are you still performing computer-assisted knee replacements? Does computer assistance add to the over all post operative performance of the TKR?

    Dr. Dennis has scheduled a computer-assisted procedure at my request. Do you recommend going forward?

    Take care,

    Mark Heirigs