Understanding Urgent Care Telehealth Visits

Understanding Urgent Care Telehealth Visits

Did you know that you can use telehealth for some urgent care appointments? In the video below, urgent care provider Veronica Hicks, PA-C, shares her insights on what conditions are best suited for telehealth visits for urgent care concerns, what is included in the visit, and how patients can prepare for seeing a provider in a video appointment. An overview of the talk can be found below the video.

What conditions are appropriate for urgent care telehealth visits and what are not appropriate?

Appropriate telehealth urgent care conditions include cold symptoms, pink eye, rashes, STI/STD testing, small wounds, and joint pain. Things that are not appropriate for telehealth would be appointments such as chest pain, worker’s compensation injuries, motor vehicle accidents, medication refills, and pain medications. Those conditions should be seen in person in the emergency department or clinic visit, depending on the severity. In the case of medication refills, contact the provider who prescribed the medication.

What questions do you typically ask a patient in an telehealth visit?

Questions we ask during telehealth visits are the exact same questions that we would ask you if you were in person. Examples of questions include: how long have you had the complaint, what has made it worse, what has made it better, and are there any treatments that you have tried?

How do you assess a patient in a telehealth visit?

The main way that we assess a patient is by observation. We will ask to look at the area (using your webcam), and we may have you touch the area and tell us what happens after you touch the area. Sometimes, we will have you take your temperature or blood pressure, if you have a thermometer or cuff available.

How should you prepare for a telehealth visit?

You can be prepared in advance by being in a secure, quiet location. Mare sure that you’re not driving or doing another activity during your visit. We want you to treat this telehealth visit as if you were in person and need to have your undivided attention, to give you the best care experience.

Are there times when you send a patient to the clinic for lab testing or X-rays?

When needed, we will send patients in to get lab testing done. Examples include urinary tract complaints and STI/STD testing. We also need to get rapid strep or other tests for infections. And, sometimes we will send patients in for chest X-rays as well.

Do you prescribe medication in a telehealth visit?

We are able to prescribe medication during telehealth visits, however we do not do refills or pain medications.

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