Starting Now, All Medicaid/Apple Health Members Should Complete Three Steps

Starting Now, All Medicaid/Apple Health Members Should Complete Three Steps

Are you or someone you know enrolled in Washington Medicaid or Apple Health? Renewals are starting April 1, 2023 and Valley Medical Center wants to help eligible people stay covered by Medicaid health insurance. Sometime after April 1 and during 2023, Medicaid members will receive a letter in the mail requiring Medicaid coverage renewal. The letter will be from Washington Health Care Authority or Washington Medicaid—if you get one, make sure to open it!


  1. Update contact information right away with the Washington Healthcare Authority
    • With help from Valley’s Financial Advocate team—call 425.656.5599
  2. Open ALL mail from Washington Health Care Authority or Washington Medicaid
  3. Give them all the information you are asked for 

Do you have Medicaid through another insurer? Valley can help you!
If you have Medicaid through Amerigroup, Coordinate Care, CHPW, United Healthcare or Molina, Valley’s Financial Advocate team can help you re-enroll—call 425.656.5599.

Need help or have questions about enrolling in or renewing Medicaid? We’ve got you covered! 
Schedule a free, in-person visit with a Financial Advocate at Valley Medical Center—please call 425.656.5599.

Why do I have to renew in 2023?
Because the pandemic was declared a Public Health Emergency by the federal government, most people did not have to show they were still eligible for Medicaid during that time—but that is changing soon. A yearly Medicaid review will again be needed starting April 1, 2023. Every state, including Washington, must check who is eligible for Medicaid. This is called a redetermination process. During this time, all Medicaid members may be asked for more information or must complete certain steps. It is very important to reply and give them the information you are asked for in the mailed letter(s).

It’s not too late to renew your Medicaid coverage even if your coverage has ended! 
Valley’s Financial Advocate team can help at no-cost—call 425.656.5599. If you or your family have Medicaid benefits and haven’t renewed yet, you may still receive coverage. 

If you lose your Medicaid coverage, you still have options!

You may qualify for other affordable health insurance, but you have to act quickly—within 60 days! For free help, please call the Washington Healthcare Authority at 1.855.923.4633 or call a Valley Financial Advocate at 425.656.5599.

Again, please follow the three steps listed above to renew your or a family member’s Medicaid coverage.
Valley’s Financial Advocate team is ready to help you through the renewal process if you need it—all you have to do is call 425.656.5599.

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