Sidelined by an Injury?

Sidelined by an Injury?

When injuries occur, it is no longer enough for athletes to “take it easy for a while” or “work through it.” Whether you’re a swimmer, runner, cyclist, dancer, hiker, Little Leaguer, or someone who just likes to keep as active as possible, our Sports Medicine team’s goal is to keep you in the game. Learn more about Valley’s Sports Medicine Clinic from Andy Ashbaugh, DO. Topics include:

  • What is Sports Medicine?
  • Do you only treat athletes or do you also care for other conditions?
  • Do you treat patients of all ages? Are there any conditions not appropriate for your clinic?
  • If someone has an injury while exercising or playing sports where should they go first for care?
  • What treatments do you offer in your clinic for injury recovery and other conditions?
  • How does ultrasound help with injection procedures?
  • If people are returning to activities after the pandemic, what are your recommendations?

Andy Ashbaugh, DO is located at Valley’s Cascade Clinic.
For questions or for an appointment, please call 425.690.3423

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