Make Your Healthcare Wishes Known—April 15 Advance Care Planning Virtual Webinar

Make Your Healthcare Wishes Known—April 15 Advance Care Planning Virtual Webinar

National Healthcare Decisions Day, or NHDD, takes place every year on April 16. This day exists to inspire, educate and empower the community and caregivers about the importance of advance care planning. Advance care planning is the process of reflecting on our values and beliefs and then discussing our wishes for what we would want to have happen if faced with a critical medical situation. Those wishes are written down so family and care givers know what choices to make about our care and comfort, even when we are unable to communicate for ourselves.

In our community, we need to start having these conversations before a crisis happens, so our wishes are known, and our loved ones understand what to do.

It can feel strange and difficult to discuss advance care planning, but we are here to help!

Ahead of NHDD, please join us for the Advance Care Planning NHDD virtual webinar!

Date: Friday, April 15, 2022 

Time: 12 – 1 PM

Location:  Zoom


During this workshop, you will learn all about the process of advance care planning, how to fill out your documents, and most importantly, how to start the conversation. You are strongly encouraged to invite the person you trust to make decisions for you as your healthcare agent.

Advance Care Planning
Is a process of communication for planning for future medical decisions. To be effective, this process includes:
Reflection on goals, values, and beliefs
Understanding of possible future situations and decisions
Sharing of these reflections and decisions with those who might need to carry out the plan
Advance Directives
• Written instructions about your future medical care in the event you are unable to express your medical wishes
• Advance Directive refers to two documents:
• Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
• Health Care Directive      

To review or print the documents before the workshop, click this link: Advance Care Planning

Hope to see you there!

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