Benefits of Birth with Valley Family Medicine

Benefits of Birth with Valley Family Medicine

Personalized Care for Pregnancy, Delivery and Beyond—Get to Know Valley Family Medicine  
Valley Family Medicine is Valley Medical Center’s family medicine residency program serving the South King County community for nearly 40 years. Our resident and faculty physicians specialize in obstetrics and are here to care for you and your growing family.  

What is a resident and what are the benefits of being a patient in a residency clinic? 
A resident is a doctor who has completed medical school and is furthering their education through caring for patients in the clinic and hospital. At Valley Family Medicine Clinic, you get the synergy of a resident physician trained in the newest, evidence-based medicine who is advised by a more experienced faculty physician. The two of them work together on every visit to give patients the best medical care during pregnancy and after. 

As a patient, you’ll see your doctor for your prenatal visits, your delivery, for follow-up care after delivery, as well as for postpartum clinic visits—providing you with full spectrum care during pregnancy and beyond. Between the resident doctor and faculty advisor, you benefit from both their experience and perspectives in an appointment that lasts a little longer. Your resident physician, no matter the time of day, will make every effort to deliver your baby. Your resident physician will also be you and your baby’s doctor in the days after your delivery.

Seeing a family practice physician in that key “fourth trimester”— those early weeks after delivery—greatly benefits your family. Physicians see patients more often because they’re seeing the babies, as well as their parents. Maybe it’s an adjustment in breastfeeding, maybe it’s swaddling help, maybe it’s just some of the relationships that go along with being up all night with a brand newborn—the advantage to having a family practice doctor is they can see all of that and help you manage it.

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Valley Family Medicine is here to care for you and your growing family.  

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