Lactation Services Team Empowers and Educates Families to Feed Their Babies

Lactation Services Team Empowers and Educates Families to Feed Their Babies

Valley’s Lactation Services team are International Board Certified Lactation Consultant nurses who help new parents with feeding their babies. Scientific evidence supports breastfeeding as the best method for feeding new babies. At Valley Medical Center, we encourage breastfeeding. The Lactation Services team shares the parents’ goal of doing what is best for the family, working together to help meet their feeding goals.

All babies need to learn to eat, but some need additional help and attention. Valley’s lactation team supports new parents in the Birth Center, NICU, Pediatrics, and all through the hospital. Lactation consultants continue to support families after they go home from the hospital through the Lactation Services outpatient clinic, available for both in-person and telehealth visits.

Babies are weighed before and after feeding to make sure they are gaining weight, as well as see how much milk is being transferred during a feed. These nurse specialists work with new parents to ensure that the baby is fed and growing. Lactation nurses spend much of their time listening, then empowering and educating families to feed their babies and gain confidence in the process.

The Lactation Services team wants everyone to know that lactation cookies are delicious, nutritious, and can increase milk production. And even if you are not lactating, they are terrific to eat—so bake up a batch today!​ Get more information about breastfeeding, including what you need to know to prepare for successful breastfeeding during pregnancy, plus learn more about Valley’s Lactation Services here.

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Pictured: Megan Stevens, Kathrina Chow and Jane Fogdall

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