Women’s History Month: Celebrating our Colleagues at Valley

Women’s History Month: Celebrating our Colleagues at Valley

March is Women’s History Month! This month gives us a chance to acknowledge that women have long fought to have their voices heard—to bring awareness to the great value of their work and empower other women to stand for what they believe in. History shows that women continue to provide vital contributions to progress both socially, politically, and occupationally even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This month we recognize the honorable work of the women on our staff and in our community, and reflect on just how far we’ve come to help bring equity across the gender spectrum.

What Women’s History Month means to Padhma:
Women’s history month is a time to remember the accomplishments of women throughout the decades in culture, science, politics and society. It’s a month to honor trailblazing women in history who fought for our equal rights. It is also a time to personally reflect on the strong and resilient women of our friends and family. Valley Medical Center has an inclusive environment where diversity and women are celebrated. We are Valley!

Favorite hobby:
Due to my interest in sports medicine- every year I look forward to the Fall when it’s officially football season. One of my favorite hobbies is to cheer on my college football team (go blue!) and watch the NFL.
Fun fact- according to the NFL 47% of their fan base are women.

What Women’s History Month means to Heather:
Women’s History Month is a time for me to reflect on the stepping stones that were laid by the women doctors, surgeons, and scientists who came before me. I am grateful for their courage and determination that broke barriers and allowed me to dream of becoming whatever I wanted in life. I also think about my daily contribution to women in medicine and hope that my work paves the way for future women.

Favorite Activities:
I am an adrenaline junkie and sports fan! My time in college got me into college basketball, scuba diving, and traveling. I am an avid diver and skier. I am inspired by women athletes in all sports. In this picture, I was cheering my team onto victory at the NCAA Championship game!

What Women’s History  Month means to Karin:
Women’s History Month is a time to recognize the contributions of women that are too-often overlooked or minimized.  We only recently learned about the “hidden figures”, the brilliant Black women who were critical to getting U.S. astronauts into space.  Did you know that the first female governor of Washington state, Dixy Lee Ray, earned a doctorate in Biology and was an associate professor at the U.W.?  There’s still so much to learn about women in history. 

Women who have influenced Karin:
It’s heartening for me to see female athletes speaking out about social justice and equity issues.  From the WNBA dedicating last season to justice for Breonna Taylor to U.S. women’s soccer players suing for equal pay, these strong young women are calling for change.  And they’re expecting change to happen.

What Women’s History  Month means to Lauren:
This month, I think about all the women who encountered stereotyping, pigeonholing, and suppression in the centuries before me so that today, I can work in a traditionally male-dominated field, enjoy home repairs more than my husband, and at the same time be a working mom who loves to bake. I also think about all the women of today who continue to illuminate the unacceptable behaviors we often endure and cultivate a better future.

Family traditions
In our house, the cook doesn’t clean, Disney tunes necessitate dance parties, and difficult days end better with a re-watch of Parks and Recreation.

What Women’s History Month Means to Sandi:
I like to think of where we’ve come from in terms of where we’re going. I am always impressed with the stories of remarkable women who achieved amazing things in an even more oppressively patriarchal society that we currently have. I also honor and am indebted to people like Ruth Bader Ginsberg who helped to dismantle some of the formal constraints placed on women in our society, directly improving my own life. Our actions today will constitute Women’s History tomorrow. There is so much to be done!

Movies – On the Basis of Sex, Hidden Figures, Moana
Classics – 9 to 5, The Color Purple, Born in Flames

What Women’s History Month means to Jessica:
Women’s History Month is a time when we can celebrate how women have influenced our social culture and advanced the economy and public policy. Women have too long been seen as property or decoration, our opinions and intelligence disregarded, resorting to acting stereotypically like men to gain respect. The contributions of women bring incredible value to the workplace and our strength and resilience as complex and talented people deserve recognition and celebration! Here’s to the talented and diverse women of Valley!

Family traditions:
The women in my family have a particular talent as artists, and I am fortunate to have inherited this trait! It has always been a tradition to make everything we can by hand and come up with complex crafting projects during holidays or for events like weddings, birthdays or to re-design a space.

What Women’s History Month means to Kim:
For me, women’s history month honors the diversity, resilience, and strength of women everywhere. It is a reminder that women are remarkable, unstoppable, and worthy of the same respect and regard that every gender identity deserves. I am proud to be a strong and powerful woman and will continue to strive toward the empowerment of other women long after the month has passed.

Family traditions:
My family tradition is a desire to be as much like my extraordinary mother as possible. She has always been a shining example of the incredible things women can accomplish and she constantly inspires me to be better. I hope to pass these same strengths to my own kids someday.

What Women’s History Month means to Kate:
Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on, honor, and appreciate what women have worked so hard to achieve across time. It’s about celebrating women’s contributions to health, science, art, community, families and to each other. Today, we are inspired by women from our past who, in the pursuit of their dreams, had the courage to show up even when they weren’t invited, or maybe even welcomed. We are reminded that we have the opportunity to continue to carry ourselves in the same manner today, exhibiting courage that inspires future female generations to come.

Family traditions
The women in my family greatly outnumber men! When I was little, summers were spent with my sister and 6 girl cousins!
I have been lucky to have meaningful bonds with strong women throughout my life and they help keep me centered. Empowering each other to share our unique perspective and energy continues to be essential.

What Women’s History Month means to Theresa:
This month marks the time to celebrate and reflect on the contributions of women across the globe in advancing science, research, culture, education, innovation and obtaining top leadership roles in politics and industry. It also marks a time dating back to 1909 during the first women’s day celebration held with the goal of improving women’s working conditions. Here’s to the legacy of decades of women advocates who had the vision to allow us to celebrate these achievements today!

Family traditions
Being the first member of my family to earn a Bachelor’s degree- my parents believed “the sky is the limit” –whatever you want to achieve, you can- if you work hard. Whether my goals were academic, sports, or career options- there was never a ceiling placed on what I wanted to accomplish. Because of this support, I am the strong and confident woman I am today.

What Women’s History Month means to Chanda:
A month for me to ponder on all the accomplishments and setbacks we’ve had as women. It is a time to reflect on the work that still needs to be done while rejoicing on the many inspiring women leaders that I look up to for empowerment.

Empowering Reads:
“I am Malala”
“Watch Us Rise”
“My Own Words”
“Hidden Figures”

What Women’s History Month means to Stacy:
It’s important to know and remember where we have been so we continue to move forward. Women have made major contributions to our world! From voting rights to advancements in science and medicine to holding one of the highest offices in our nation. We continue to break down barriers thanks to the work women in history have done! Celebrating means we continue to empower and inspire women and little girls, including my daughter! But, when we celebrate it in schools and workplace settings, we are changing culture around women roles in our country!

Family traditions
We are a family of strong, independent and successful women. Whether you are a man or a woman in my family, that strength and independence is fostered, encouraged and celebrated! The men and women in my family believe that our voice is important and our contributions are needed and valuable. We lead by example for future generations!

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