Summer is the Time to Check for Helmet Safety

Summer is the Time to Check for Helmet Safety

Summertime is the perfect time for children to play outside on bicycles, scooters and other wheeled items. A helmet is the single most important thing you can do to prevent and reduce the severity of a head injury. For safety, it’s important to make sure your child has a helmet that fits correctly. Before your child pedals off, make sure to check the following items:

  • The front of the helmet should be no higher than two finger widths above the eyebrow line.
  • The chin strap should be tightened so you can get a finger underneath it, but tight enough that if your child shakes their head, it won’t move forward or back and forth.
  • One crash and it’s trash! If your child falls and their helmet hits the ground, it’s time to buy a new helmet: Even if it doesn’t look damaged, it can have hairline cracks that make it unsafe for future use.

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By Barbara Bryant, CCC-SLP

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